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LOVE is coming back to town

The Virginia Tourism Corporation will bring an oversized LOVE artwork to the Franklin-Southampton County Fair on Wednesday, Aug. 13, as part of a state and ... Read more

Feridies in deal to be featured in overseas catalog

Ferides, the renowned Courtland-based company that produces gourmet Virginia peanuts and peanut products, has made a deal with Cotswold Fayre. Read more

Local Social Media guru schools IOW chamber business owners

As a business owner, you can’t ignore social media anymore, or it may already be hurting you. Read more

Main Street Market thriving a year later

Last Friday morning found Donna DeGroat busy setting up for the day at the Main Street Farmer’s Market in Ivor. She had already loaded one ... Read more

Bojangles, Love’s coming in on time

If winter was a setback to building the Love’s Travel Stop and Bojangles restaurant, you couldn’t tell by the rate of progress made in construction ... Read more